Review: YSP 

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Establishment: Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Location: Wakefield, WF4 4JX

Perfect for: Cultured walking day in the sun

Favourite sculpture: The Deer Shelter (worth finding this hidden gem)

YSP is curious, charming and cultured. I first went here as a student however under time restrictions and with an assignment to do, I never appreciated it’s beauty.

However last week, on a rare sunny day, we ventured to this park of art and nature.

It is free entry however you do have to pay for parking however when you know you are going to spend the whole day there, being surprised at every corner, you don’t mind.

The park is a combination of traditional (yet very modern) art galleries, indoor with gift shops, air conditioning and silence, and parkland which has sculpture and art hidden within it.

It is perfect for families, couples, students and wanderers. It is a place which embraces its natural surroundings perfectly, with sculptures hidden within the woods for the children to hunt down to large installations in open fields like an army ready to attack.

There is a mixture of installations from well known sculptures such as Barbara Hepworth to the more obscure modern artists such as Tony Cragg.

The free map tells you were the most popular installations are, including the magnificent deer shelter, but it is worth going a little off path and discovering the more hidden ones. Once you are over the bridge, you will find yourself in the country park and woodland where although there isn’t many sculptures there, the plants create the installations instead. Whether it is worth going to the gallery at the end of the park, Longside Gallery, that’s questionable, depends if you like modern art, I guess. However if you like architecture, it is worth going to it. To see how a cow shed like gallery frames the woodland like a landscape picture.

On a sunny spring day, this is the place you can lose yourself, and walk for miles.

It is a place you can walk into the woods of bluebells or run across open fields yet still feel like you are in an art gallery, quiet and curious. It is a place which allows us discover ourselves and art. It is a place to embrace nature and artist’s expressions.

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