Real Life: Being Auntie 

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Auntie, auntie, AUNTIE!!

I am auntie. I am auntie to a cheeky but charming three year old little boy.
I will never forget when I became auntie. On a friend’s leaving do, my mum texts to saying your sister has gone into labour. First round of shots ordered. 

Two hours later, I became an auntie, another round of shots ordered. Next morning, the overwhelming realisation that I am actually an auntie. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. 

Now I find it hard to relate to children, I became very mature very early in life, so struggle to remember what it was like to be a child so I was nervous. Real nervous. 

But holding him for the first time, and I fell in love and I looked at my sister and thought now she is truly happy, married with a child. 

How wrong was I? Just before his first birthday, my sister and her husband broke up. She moved back in with my mum and became a single mum just like our mum was. I knew from that stage on I would do anything in my will to set an example and help my sister bring up this boy into a man. 

Being a auntie is tough though. Being auntie to a little boy who doesn’t remember his parents together just like me. Knowing how confused he must be when he sees other children’s parents at nursery all the time. It’s tough to be tough with him when he’s not behaving. You don’t want to be bad cop but I always end up being it. I just want him to grow up to be a respectful, confident and charming young man and I am surhe will be. He’s got eyes to melt you inside, lovely manners and a huge heart. 

I have managed to get out of all nappy changing and toilet taking duties. I’m not that kind of auntie. 

I am the auntie who takes him to new places. I’m the auntie who let’s him try new foods. I’m the auntie who try’s to help him improve him speech and educate him. 

He is growing now at 3ft 6 (and I’m only 5ft 4) he is defiantly growing. 

Over half my height I can no long pick him up and pretend to drop him, so he laughs. I can no longer carry him when he is too exhausted to walk the miles I walk him to museums or galleries. I can no longer talk freely in front of him without him picking up words he shouldn’t or confuse him. 

I am very fortunate he loves my partner just as much as me and for a long time I think he was confused who he was to him and to me. But one day when he was talking about my partner to his dad, his dad asked ‘who is this man you are talking about?’. His reply: ‘auntie’s man’. 

But to him, I am auntie. I don’t have a name, I’m just auntie. 

And I am very lucky to be his auntie. 


1. Reading him stories at bedtime

2. Taking him on day trips

3. Noticing every time I see him how much he has learnt and grown


1. Seeing him cry 

2. When he’s badly behaved 

3. Trying to understand how he feels or what he’s thinking. 


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