Review: Erza and Gil

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Location: Northern Quarter (NQ) -Newton St/Hilton St

Establishment: Erza and Gil

Perfect for: Breakfast/Brunch

Favourite dish: French toast (Pictured)

Favourite drink: Pourover coffee (pictured)

Saturday’s (and Sunday’s) are meant for lazy mornings in bed and skipping the traditional breakfast routine, especially when you live in the city centre.

Brunch at the weekend in Manchester is so popular it can be more stressful than that waking up late on a Monday morning.

I am going to let you into my favourite chilled brunch location; perfect for lazy rainy mornings like today, especially if you live or staying in the NQ.

So whats so good? Well other than the to die for french toast, this place has plenty of capacity so you don’t have to queue too much, add a name to a waiting list or stare someone off a table. On your own, no issue, there are some excellent window seats for people watching (and plug sockets for you workaholics).

A simple order at the till, collect your drink and a number for your table for food; everything is efficient meaning you are served quickly, and not having to wait for the group of hungover-ers delaying a waiting staff.

Staff are friendly, welcoming and trained baristas so you know you are going to get a good coffee.

They served hot and cold dishes including a wide range of homemade cakes and pastries.

Added bonuses: It has vegan dishes and it has a bit of a supply/convenience store to help you fuel yourself for the rest of the day.


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