Review: South of Forgiveness

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Book: South of Forgiveness

Author: Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger

Published:  Scribe (27 Feb. 2017)

I have just finished reading this book on my Kindle app and just had to write a review about this book.

What an inspiring book about a women’s challenge of social norms in regards to sexual abuse and rape.

This book about a women’s story of being raped by her boyfriend when she was young and a journey she makes to understand why and seeking of a forgiveness.

Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger’s story is refreshing, inspiring and a challenging read. They go through some of their darkness areas of their minds to figure out what happened and why, and how to overcome this.

I have so much admiration for Thordis, who really put her life on hold to go on this journey on behalf of all sexual abuse/rape victims.  

The bravery from this pair to admit they were victim and perpetrator of a rape, is incredible and I hope it makes people think how they would treat someone who admitted to them they were raped or raped someone.  

The story although heavy in parts is fantastically written from the heart and memories.

I hope by now people are aware that not all rapists are roaming the streets with knifes waiting to drag women into alleyways to rape them. These are just the cases you usually hear about because these are horrific attacks on members of the public. But this isn’t the only way a woman can get raped and is also the most unlikely way you are to.

In modern day society, people still seem to blame the victim; they were drunk, they were wearing a short skirt, etc. But it is never the victims fault, otherwise they wouldn’t be victims.

For anyone who has been raped or been a victim of sexual abuse or would like to understand how someone may ever heal from a horrific attack such as this, this is a must read.

As well as reading this book would defiantly recommend their TED talk:

To buy visit :




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