Review: The Pasta Factory

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Location: 77 Shudehill, Manchester, M4 4AN

Establishment: The Pasta Factory

Perfect for: Date nights and friendly gatherings

Favourite dish: Chocolate Raviloi (pictured)

Now when I first went to this place, I couldn’t help sing it’s praises and left a glowing review on TripAdvisor with the only recommendation was to tone the lighting down as it was so bright and almost clinical. 

Returning for a third visit to this independent restaurant and deli, I was pleasantly surprised by its dim lighting and continental feel. 

Now me and my partner LOVE pasta, especially fresh pasta so this place to us is heaven and it never fails to disappoint. 

With a different specials each time we go and authentic Italian pasta dishes, the choice is overwhelming as it all sounds so delicious. 

Last night I tried the wholemeal pasta with wild broccoli, an Italian vegetable, (pictured) as a healthier and refreshing alternative to the rich ragu I had last time, and as usual it didn’t disappoint. My partner had gnocchi in a creamy sauce with pancetta which was just melted in your mouth magically. 

All the staff are Italian and extremely knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. We were served by a young man from Tuscany, which not only upsold up some delicious dessert wine to go with the amazing chocolate ravioli, but gave us a beautiful list of places to visit in Tuscany when we go. 

The atmosphere has a lovely local atmosphere about it and the staff’s enthusiasm only adds to this. 

For those who are after a refreshing date night or looking for a place to meet friends, look no further than this place, especially if you are vegetation or vegan as there are lots of flavoursome choice available. 

It also sells what it cooks. Fresh pasta of different types available to buy and cook at home. 

To see the menu or book a table visit


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