Review: QUALITYcovers bag: custom made, convertible, practical laptop bag 

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Shop: QUALITYcovers at Etsy (

Location: currently Romania 

Price paid: £85 

Ani is the creator these bags, a woman who works from home caring for her children while her husband works. The whole process of ordering the bag was easy and the service received from Ani was exceptional. I got to pick the colours for my bag, and she sent me images and details of the fabric, which is waterproof (very suitable for manchester weather) and I sent her my exact measurements of my laptop so she knew it would fit. 
The bag is made to high quality and came within 2 weeks of ordering. It has a padded closible pouch for my laptop, little pockets for charger, mouse, pens etc inside and three external pockets for things you need at convenience such as purse or notepad. 

Now most women may have heard of a kickstarter campaign for the C12 bag from Bartaile, which is stylist and convertible for a professional woman throughout the day. I know I did and I don’t really follow fashion very much.

I liked this idea of having a bag which could fit my laptop in but also all the other stuff I use on a day to day basis as I was sick to death of having two separate bags. I also liked the idea of having a convertible bag from a shoulder bag to a backpack to ease the pressure off my shoulder but also give me a bit of freedom when I am out and about for work on a train for instance or doing surveys. 

Only issue was I wasn’t willing to pay for a C12 bag or wait for their kickstarter campaign to finish so I did a bit of research for an alternative similar style bag. That’s when I found qualitycovers on Etsy and since I’ve placed my order to receiving it I haven’t been disappointed.

Like this C12 bag, it can be worn three ways; on the shoulder like a handbag, as a messenger bag or as backpack. It came with two shoulder pads but I prefer it without. The style I picked is perfect for me and the colours match my coat and my employees brand perfectly. It is unique to me and allows me to present myself as a resolved brand and have some identity rather than following recent trends. 

If you are after a unique and practical bag for work or studies this is just a perfect investment which I can not recommend more. 

For all styles and options please visit and support homemade businesses and products:


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