Rambling: General Election

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It has come the time for us all to put our cross in a box and decide who should be in charge of this successful yet delicate country. It is time to compare manifestos and try and figure out who is lying to you less. 

This year I am really struggling who pick. Do I pick a party for me personally or do I pick a party who will benefit all my family but not necessarily me directly.

I often think about things too much and this  vote is one I can’t afford to waste time deliberating  about it but I find it very frustrating when I read the manifestos that isn’t clear where money is coming from, in what time scale are they setting themselves and why they are doing some things. 

There are so many what ifs. What if I vote for someone who really isn’t going to get in, is that a vote wasted. What if we go into a coalition government again because some many people vote for the non leading parties. What if we slip back into a recession again. 

On top of all this, I am struggling to find reassurance that there is going to something to be done against terrorism. Our country’s safety depends on it. 

But overall, I can’t empathise enough how important it is to vote. Every vote really does count and can make a different. 

This is our country and we are very fortunate to have a system which allows us to be democratic and decide our own fate. 



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